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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Any Person Anywhere Is Sorry

From MSNBC, America's premiere news gathering network regarding the torture and mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners:

'Earlier Wednesday, Rumsfeld offered a limited apology for the humiliation of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Asked on NBC's "Today" show if he'd apologize, Rumsfeld said that "anyone who sees those photos would apologize to the people abused," he said, referring to the images of detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad. "That apology is there."'

Responsibility? What the f--? You just look at these things and you know, you want to say oopsie. I mean, anyone who viewed the photos. Did I see the photos? Will I indeed say "I'm sorry?" Well, isn't it implied that one would be sorry? According to my formula? The apology is implicit.

Didn't your third grade teacher tell you to avoid the passive voice Rumsfeld? Do you know why they offered such advice? Things happen. Over there. By people. Mistakes were made.

Meanwhile, at least one person had the decency to step up to the plate. 'Later, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, commander of prisons in Iraq, went further, telling Arab and Western reporters taken on a tour of Abu Ghraib that “I would like to apologize for our nation and for our military for the small number of soldiers who committed illegal or unauthorized acts.”

He must have seen the photos.