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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

No Vasari, YOU'RE Stupid

Art critics have apparently declared open season on "New Blood," an exhibition of contemporary works at London's Saatchi Gallery. But according to the Telegraph, art collector Saatchi himself isn't fooled: "It is pitiful that so many critics find it easier to review me than the art." Saatchi shot back at the detractors on Monday in an interview in which he suggested the criticisms were directed at himself, not the show.

But does he really believe it? The rest of the interview directed attention away from the insinuation of personal attacks, and simply berates critics for being out of touch, and lauds the wise judgement of ordinary folks. "Although there are some critics out there you can learn a lot from, too many know remarkably little about new art, can't cope without their PC guidebook or a press release and are always, but always, 10 years late getting their heads around anything new."

The show, described as an "aesthetic Titanic," carries on Saatchi's tradition of displaying works of artists like Damien Hirst and Ron Mueck. According to the Telegraph, it features "a stuffed horse, a groaning mummy and a portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales, begging her butler for help, by Stella Vine, a former stripper."

The Telegraph's own Richard Dorment seems to have taken issue with the exhibition space rather than the collector himself. But in a bizarre tit-for-tat, Dorment suggests that Saatchi should for some reason accept criticism in whatever form it may take.