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Friday, April 30, 2004

What Passes For Right-Wing "Thought"

This is a letter to CBS News, who aired (on 60 Minutes II) a story about the atrocities committed by US military personnel in Iraqi prisons (See my earlier post on this topic):

"Why in God's name would you choose to air such a story at this time? This is something our country didn't need to know now. Everyone in this country is hanging on for dear life to support the troops, and you have taken all our faith in goodness away. How many more reports can we watch like this before support fades?

We are losing our fight with other countries to support us, and now you have just sealed it. ... We've just lost the goal of helping anyone over there because of this show, and God help us. You are no better then those who did these horrible acts. Your reports are bringing down this country."
--Betsy Berra

If you Google "Why are Americans so willfully ignorant?" Betsy Berra's homepage comes up.

Here's another simpleton:

"Was I supposed to be horrified by the report of Iraqi prisoners being positioned in "pornographic" positions and humiliated by American soldiers? I was not. During your report, all I could think of was the murder, torture, maiming, burning and beheading of innocent civilians, women and children included, carried out by terrorists and supporters of Saddam Hussein. At least these men were men of war.

They had to pose for pornographic pictures? So what. We cannot imagine sitting at home on our couches the horrors our soldiers must face every day. Why not focus your attention on the unfair practices of our enemy?"
--Sally Ainsley

And finally:

At one time I would have condemned the way they were treated, but after recently seeing them burning Americans there, I say they should give those troops medals. An eye for an eye.
--J Guzzi

I will be expecting all of your citizenship renouncement letters in the mail tout de suite. (I knew it, he's French!)