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Monday, April 26, 2004

The whole world's watching... your ass

Activism in America used to have a home on our leafy liberal campuses (Berkeley, Madison, Ann Arbor), where passionate, earnest students would fight for such issues as world peace, nuclear disarmament and human rights. These days, the student body prefers to protest in favor of, well, their body.

U. of Michigan students run alternative Naked Mile a day earlier than expected.

Seeking to keep an 18-year-old tradition alive, a group of University students and alumni participated in an alternative Naked Mile run at 11:00 last night.

They evaded a police campaign against the run by scheduling it one night early and altering the route.

Not exactly the 60s, is it? Compared with the one million that gathered for abortion rights and women's health issues yesterday, standing up for your right to run naked after graduating doesn't pack the resonance of, say, Students for a Democratic Society.