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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Yeah, there's no racism left in America

A community near Tampa, Florida has voted to change the name of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue back to Sixth Avenue. Here's the story.

Zephyrhills recently elected a new city councilwoman named Gina King, a political neophyte who ran entirely on the issue of changing the street name back to Sixth Avenue. Allow me to quote her: "I fail to see how a street sign promotes community fellowship." But revoking the name of a street sign, and the ensuing bitter debate and hurt feelings, that's the greatest bonding experience a town can have! Why, look at the community spirit:

ZEPHYRHILLS - A group of people unhappy with Monday's city council vote to return Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue to its original Sixth Avenue name plan to protest at city hall today.

Elaine Jones, one of the organizers and vice president of the Pasco County Black Caucus, said she expects at least 30 people from community groups to show up. Protesters also will picket at U.S. 301 and Fifth and Sixth avenues. The protest will be from 1 to 6 p.m.
We're back to bus protests? Come a long way, haven't we?