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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Because It Doesn't Matter

I'm answering wingnut Jim Geraghty's scratching of his Neanderthalian ridged brow about why "the Left" isn't deeply reactionary about movie award nominations as Christian conservatives:

But here’s an interesting dog that isn’t barking… Michael Moore gets passed over for the big award he coveted… and the lefty bloggers aren’t up in arms. In fact, nobody on the left is talking about Moore today.

I still strongly believe that no blogger is obligated to write about any topic, but I just find it interesting that web personalities who one would think would be big Michael Moore fans are collectively shrugging their shoulders over this. You know a lot of Christian conservatives are grumbling about the three nominations in technical categories for “The Passion of the Christ,” and Kathryn’s already noted this on the Corner.

Nothing (so far) at Eschaton, Daily Kos, James Wolcott, Josh Marshall, Kevin Drum, Matthew Yglesias, Tapped, The Left Coaster… Did I miss some Moore fans? I realize most of these guys are policy wonks, but none of them has any take or opinion on Hollywood’s elite giving the thumbs-down to the most prominent anti-Bush piece of work from the past year?

Gee, Jim, maybe no liberals are writing about Michael Moore's Academy Award nominations because there are, I don't know, IMPORTANT things going on, like a war in Iraq, the Rice nomination fight, the Gonzales nomination fight to come, continued lying about Social Security, and a cartoon character cavorting with lesbians. OK, that last one isn't important either, but the fact the the Secretary of Education has to jump in and try to censor a children's show is at least newsworthy.

Guess what, Jim? "The Left" as you describe it has more things on their mind than petty recriminations over what movie gets nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It doesn't save a life. It doesn't change the economy. It doesn't help or hurt the environment.

We don't need to be reassured of our beliefs by having others bestow awards on people who share them. In other words, WE'RE NOT FUCKING CHILDREN.