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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rumor Mill

This is the, er, internet, where the truth can often be as ephemeral as a cool breeze in Arizona, but this poster at the conservative (linked through TPM Cafe) claims to have the inside dope:

Going on record! By: OhSure

I not only don't do this, I have never done this. But here it is;

"Karl Rove will be indicted late this, or early next week."

I'm trusting a source. So either I am made a into an overzealous horses a**, or..., I have good sources and may be more trusted to get these things right.

Entered into the D-Day record. Obviously this would be a huge blow to the Bush Administration. A felony indictment (I'm guessing on perjury, for lying to the grand jury about talking to Time Magazine, not necessarily for the Plame leak itself) would be extremely embarrassing and threaten to blow open the manhole cover on White House corruption and illegality.

Everyone got their popcorn ready?

p.s. TPM Cafe now has a great new section up called House of Labor devoted to a pet subject of mine, the labor movement.