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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Liberal Media

Never let it be said that the media isn't out there tackling the big stories that affect us all. From infrequent contributor Cosmo, here are 3 stories from a local news station in Central Florida:

Man in Spider-Man Mask Steals $11,000 Worth of Comics

Monster Cat in China Weighs 33 Pounds

Family Finds Raw Meat Instead of iPod Inside Sealed Box

And I don't think these are exceptions. Just turn on your 6 o'clock news any day of the week. It's not whether the media is too liberal or too conservative, it's whether the media even knows what's news anymore.

And people wonder why Americans are misinformed.

By the way, I think the argument that "the people tell us through the ratings what they want to watch" is a canard. If it's vapid, meaningless content vs. vapid, meaningless content, who cares who wins the battle? The fact that so many people are demonstrably moving online for their news should be a wake-up call to these guys.