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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tone Deaf

Wow. He's pushing to veto on this? The first veto in 5-plus years? On THIS?

Forget what you think of the Dubai deal. I've already suggested that I'm pretty conflicted about the amount of jingoism and xenophobia inherent in the controversy. I agree that a foreign national shouldn't control US territory, but the idea that turning management (maybe operational, maybe just a paper deal) over to rich Arab businessmen who work with Great Satan of the West every day is the same thing as planting Osama bin Laden in the customs house is silly.

However, from a purely political standpoint, this is as tone deaf a move as I've ever seen. I guess it's not all that out of character for a President who doesn't feel that anyone has the right to dare question him about anything. This is more of that "stiff resolve" with which he's governed throughout two terms. But this decision is out of character with the "oceans won't protect us" mindset that he's forged in stone. Port security is not another ordinary contract and the American people fully understand this. To be this defiant over an issue that obviously angers both sides of the aisle is to be completely out of touch. There is almost no doubt that there's a veto-proof majority against this deal. And Republicans in the rank-and-file can't be happy about the leader of their party taking on something this radioactive in an election year.

Either he's totally in the bubble or there's lots and lots of money in it for him. I thought the Saudis were the ones that always bankrolled him...