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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"There was a deliberate search for an enemy"

This is unbelievable, yet also predictable:

During a appearance with Robert Wright, Fukuyama says of Bill Kristol and his circle at The Weekly Standard that during the 1990s "There was actually a deliberate search for an enemy because they felt that the Republican Party didn't do as well" when foreign policy wasn't on the issue agenda. The obvious candidates were either China or something relating to Islamic fundamentalism and, as Fukuyama notes, what they came up with was China. Then 9/11 changed things around, at least for a few years.

This is the most egregious example of party over country that I've yet seen. The movement conservative wing of the Republican Party, a central part of its noise machine, is interested in picking fights around the world because that makes a favorable political climate.

In other words, there simply must be perpetual war. Otherwise, how will we ever get perpetual peace?

We must be ever vigilant about this search for an enemy. In essence it's what Eisenhower warned in his 1961 speech about the rise of the military-industrial complex. Another prophet.