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Thursday, November 02, 2006

CA-50: NRCC Bugs Out?

I'd still be very surprised if this seat flipped, but the NRCC is either overconfident or they've pulled out:

It seemed like the NRCC became worried about the 50th once again... and they began spending their money in North SD County once again. However, notice who's missing in the latest NRCC list of "final push" candidates.

Now Bilbray's never had a strength for fundraising... In fact, the NRCC had to spend over $5 million just to salvage him from a strong Democratic upsurge. So why isn't the NRCC throwing additional last-minute money into the 50th? Perhaps, the national GOP is really afraid that Bilbray won't be able to weather this latest scandal over the GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION INTO BILBRAY'S MULTIPLE RESIDENCES?

Francine Busby has an ad up about this that tries to play off the scandal fatigue in this district formerly held by Duke Cunningham:

Look at the commenter on atdnext's blog and his shake-and-bake maneuver:

I once moved three times in one year. Registered in California. Moved to Iowa, registered in Iowa, voted in the primary. Moved to Texas, registered and voted in the primary and general. Moved back to California, registered and voted in a special election. All perfectly legal. Never voted more than once in any election -- unlike many Democrats. ("early and often")

Hey, guess what, you're not a Congressman, dude. Congressmen need to live in the same state they serve. It's a little thing called the law. It actually still applies to Republicans.