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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Los Angeles is a tough place for public protests or rallies of any type because it's so spread out and there is no central location. Usually everything ends up being done downtown, and I believe in fighting for peace and justice, but I don't want to have to get on the 10 Freeway to do it.

I have been to quite a few rallies and protests, many of them against the war, so eventually my willingness to be heard outweighs my distaste for traffic. And I'm glad that there was a big street action in DC today. But I have to agree with John Aravosis' take, that the message out of these events is always so cluttered, with everybody coming in with their pet idea, their pet theory about how the world really works, instead of coming together with one common goal, in this case to extricate ourselves from this failed occupation in Iraq. This always seems to happen, as some conspiracists always seem to take over the agenda at these things. For the record ANSWER is not an organization I'm comfortable aligning myself with.

Most people in this country want to find a way out of Iraq. Bringing Israel or Mumia Abu-Jamal or 9-11 conspiracies or anything else does not further that goal.