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Monday, April 30, 2007


So Thereisnospoon tagged me with a "thinking blogger" award. The rules state that I now have to tag five others with the award, given to blogs that make me think. Well, OK then.

I have to say that most of the blogs I read that make me think get plenty of publicity throughout the blogosphere. So I'm going to try and list five that still fill the criteria but may benefit from some attention. So here goes:

1. Mercury Rising. She's been moonlighting at Firedoglake recently, but Phoenix Woman has been an outstanding and prolific blogger for some time. She can break down an issue with a lot of context, particularly focusing on the role of the media.

2. Balkinization. Jack Balkin, Marty Lederman and the gang of law professors posting on this site are a must-read on any SCOTUS issues. When there's a ruling, this is the first place I go, and it's always a wonderful explanation. If you like long legal posts that challenge your assumptions, check it out.

3. Once Upon A Time... Arthur Silber is an amazing writer, someone who has the wisdom of experience and is unyielding in his willingness to hold everyone accountable, Democrats and Republicans, the netroots and beyond, for what has befell our country under the Bush Administration. He is also going through some physical problems and needs some help. His voice is vital.

4. Matt Taibbi. It's not a blog, and he doesn't need my help, being an accomplished writer for Rolling Stone. But more people should be reading Matt Taibbi, one of the finest writers anywhere.

5. Whiskey Fire. I thought I'd pick someone incisive who turns an unrelenting eye to the insaneosphere. It's important to know one's enemy, and Thers does this as well as anyone else. And she should have a LOT more readers.

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