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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Another day, another Republican lawbreaker (Ken Calvert this time)

Not even the holiday can stop the inexorable march of revelations in the GOP culture of corruption:

The Jurupa Community Services District violated state law when it sold 4 acres of public land to Rep. Ken Calvert and his investment partners without first offering it to other public agencies -- including the local park district that wanted it, the Riverside County grand jury concluded in a report released Tuesday.

The grand jury recommends that the water and sewer agency turn over the $1.2 million it pocketed from the sale, minus costs, to the Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District.

The grand jury was mainly concerned with the actions of the water and sewer agency and not Rep. Calvert. But Calvert was a willing participant in what a grand jury has now called a crime, and whether or not he will be legally culpable is a bit besides the point. The only associates to Republicans in this day and age are criminals. And the only way those criminals are vindicated is through Presidential clemency.

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