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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Random Ten

This is just the thing to revive those holiday-week traffic numbers. Everyone wants to know what I listened to on the way to work!

Bring Me Down - Kanye West feat. Brandy
Hollywood Divorce - Outkast feat. Lil' Wayne & Snoop Dogg (why don't other genres "feature" additional artists? How about "Green Day feat. The Grateful Dead" or "Ornette Coleman feat. Gavin from Bush"?)
Negative Creep - Nirvana
Sure Thing - St. Germain
The Ugly Vision - Guided By Voices
Daddy's Car - The Cardigans
Milk - Kings of Leon
When The War Came - The Decemberists
Littlest Things - Lily Allen
At Last - Neko Case

My iPod finally found my music from this decade! Huzzah!

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