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Friday, July 06, 2007

Stop Fourthbranch, But Not With This Video

Brave New Films has a new video. Impeachment is a tough call politically, but a no-brainer in terms of restoring law and justice to the country. I don't know if this video makes a strong case, however:

Not sure that a 4-minute video gives you the depth you need. What Cheney says on chat shows is not an impeachable offense. Going to Langley and pressuring CIA agents to play down disagreement, that's closer. So is his role in the Office of Special Plans intelligence chop shop at DoD. The other thing is that all of these manipulations in the first two articles of impeachment were quite transparent, and anyone paying attention would have seen right through them. And the third article, saber-rattling against Iran, is simply not impeachable at all. Cheney has violated so many rules of the office, but practically none of them are on display in this video. Thumbs down.

UPDATE: 54% is not nearly a big enough poll number needed for impeachment actually to succeed. Try 80%, which would be sufficient for skittish Republicans to jump ship. Sorry, but them's the breaks in this day and age. The drumbeat would have to be far louder than merely a partisan number.

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