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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jumping The Shark has no reason to just sit back and take all this criticism they're getting; this isn't an establishment organization. Here's how they roll:

The Giuliani/Iraq Study Group thing was just waiting to be turned into an ad. It's pretty devastating that this man who wants to take over foreign policy for our country had a chance to impact the greatest foreign policy challenge of this era, but couldn't be bothered because he was too busy making speeches for money.

The Petraeus testimony and the Bush Report didn't change any minds on this war. People are still fed up and want out. Republicans are really overplaying their hand by focusing on a New York Times ad instead of the plain fact that Iraq is a catastrophic mistake.

UPDATE: What Aravosis said:

"The president does not think that generals should be denigrated at all," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. If critics of the president "want to attack him, fine, but the generals, and by association the military, should be out of bounds from partisan attacks."

That's ridiculous, dangerous, and utterly un-American. And it's a notion that the Republicans have pushed for years. Namely, that the military in America is off-limits, above criticism, and always right. And it's absurd. And dangerous. In America, the military is under civilian rule. And there's a reason for that. The military, like any government entity, or any man, is not infallible. And worse, the military, unlike HUD or the Department of Labor, can throw its weight around in ways only dreamed of by other less-armed agencies (hard to imagine HUD waterboarding). It is a direct danger to our democracy, to any democracy, to give the military the right to trump the civilian [...]

If we're the country the Republicans keep describing, then we are not the country I grew up in. Or worse, we are the country I grew up in, but I was lied to for 40 years about what that country stands for.

I'm not sure which is worse.

UPDATE II: Somehow I missed that John McCain called for MoveOn to be "thrown out of the country." Hm, I'm trying to wonder how McCain thinks it wouldn't be possible to throw out 12 million illegal immigrants, but 4 million members of MoveOn, no problem.

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