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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pro-Yacht-Tax-Evasion Republicans Fighting Hard For Their Welfare Money

Apparently the Republicans in the California legislature are balking at fixing a loophole that allows yacht owners to evade taxes on their purchase. Yachts. I mean it's perfect. This is what we face in California, the Republican Party is just the wingnuttiest of the wingnutty. They demand welfare checks for rich people. I mean that's what it is.

This is why getting a 2/3 requirement is so crucial. We need to end this nonsense so a small and insane minority can hijack the entire state.

Seriously, it'd be $50,000 well-spent by the Speaker to run a couple radio ads in Sacramento to highlight Republicans who voted to allow rich people to save money on their yachts. If he asked me, I'D chip in to hear see that. Hell, I'd work pro bono on it if they wanted to turn them in to TV ads. And I have a voice for radio (and a face, too).

I'm about working with the legislative leadership in Sacramento to make Republicans pay for this. There isn't a "pro-yacht-loophole" faction out there that would mollify this. Every Republican in the state would take heat from their constituents over this.

It's time to start thinking strategically. And since the party largely votes as a block, it's time to start holding every single Republican accountable for the actions of their majority.

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