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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Again, I Choose Not To Be Afraid

Think of what a force of nature the Hillary Clinton campaign would be if they didn't spend seemingly all their time worrying about Republican attacks in November and making lists about which Democrats supported them from the beginning. Say that they instead gave Democrats a reason to support them from the beginning OTHER than blackmail, and spent a lot of time concocting attacks on Republicans!

The inevitability strategy was just confoundingly dumb, and I don't know how it could ever have worked. Ripping the argument of "I'm going to be the nominee" from "Here's WHY I want to be the nominee" just makes no sense. And, deciding that the central argument of your candidacy is how scared we should all be of the spectre of Republican attacks, when we've in fact faced them down in 2006 and won a clean sweep, is similarly stupid and makes Democrats look weak.

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