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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bush Fighting The War On The Environment

George Bush is doing this "major press event" on the environment and fighting global warming, but he's not talking about anything new, but taking credit for initiatives that Democrats in Congress passed. And he sounds positively angry about it. "We're doing a lot!" he just shouted. Now he's talking about activist judges and how they're using "laws passed 30 years ago" to regulate climate change. You know, we actually do use laws that are still on the books all the time. All laws don't have a statute of limitations, and new laws aren't somehow more valid than old laws.

This is a sham. He's trying to wiggle out of the Clean Air Act and numerous court decisions mandating that the federal government regulate greenhouse gases. It's the same old "No We Can't" approach to climate change, saying that we'll ruin the economy if we make any effort to slow emissions. This is a Presidential filibuster that's been going on for close to eight years. And it's an attempt to take global warming off the table in the upcoming elections. Don't buy that the oil man is suddenly going green.

UPDATE: Rep. Ed Markey:

"By the time President Bush's plan finally starts to cut global warming emissions, the planet will already be cooked.

"The President's short-term goal is to do nothing, his medium-term goal is to do nothing much, and his long-term goal is to do nothing close to what's needed to save the planet from global warming.

"On a day of faith in America, where the Pope and scientists all agree that we must act on global warming, President Bush's paltry goals show little faith in American ingenuity and solutions to global warming.

D'you think he did it just because the Pope was here? That would make sense in a perverse way, actually.

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