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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama Is Spanish For "McCain's In Trouble"

Here's yet another poll out showing that Barack Obama is doing extremely well with Hispanic voters, leading John McCain by 66-23. At one level this proves the utter fallacy of trying to conflate primary results with general election projections; as Scott Lemieux says, Hillary Clinton would have done better than 10% of the black vote in the G.E., too. But on a more substantive level, it's devastating for McCain to have this much of a deficit against the fastest-growing voting bloc in the United States. In some states Obama probably only needs 35-40% of the white vote to win, if these numbers hold. And it puts him in great shape in the Southwest and even North Carolina, which has a growing Latino population.

Of course, wait until the Hispanics figure out that Obama can't make full-court basketball shots and that the veracity of his birth certificate has been challenged by random crazy people! Those numbers will dip overnight.

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