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Friday, August 08, 2008

Fluff v. Substance

The McCain campaign is rolling with the celebrity theme, tying the "fabulous life" of Barack Obama, who recently paid off his student loans, to the struggles of working people, who John McCain and his eight houses and $500 loafers certainly connects with.

It is good that the Obama campaign countered by simply calling the ad a lie.

"This ad is a lie, and it's part of the old, tired politics of a party in Washington that has run out of ideas and run out of steam. Even though a host of independent, nonpartisan organizations have said this attack isn't true, Senator McCain continues to lie about Senator Obama's plan to give 95% of all families a tax cut of $1,000, and not raise taxes for those making under $250,000 a single dime. The reason so many families are hurting today is because we've had eight years of failed Bush policies that Senator McCain wants to continue for another four, and that's what Barack Obama will change as President."

What I like MUCH better than that is that the Obama campaign is exploiting the new opening provided by the Wilmington/DHL deal which McCain and his lobbyist/campaign manager supported, which is resulting in thousands of job losses in the Ohio community. Obama is up with a radio ad here explaining the whole thing.

July 9, 2008: Portsmouth, Ohio. Here's what John McCain said about DHL's plans to eliminate 8,200 Ohio jobs:

"I gotta look you in the eye and give you straight talk: I don't know if I can stop it or not. Or if it will be stopped."

But there's something John McCain's not telling you: It was McCain who used his influence in the Senate to help foreign-owned DHL buy a U.S. company and gain control over the jobs that are now on the chopping block in Ohio. And that's not all: McCain's campaign manager was the top lobbyist for the DHL deal...helped push it through. His firm was paid $185,000 to lobby McCain and other Senators.

Now 8,200 Ohioans are facing layoffs, and foreign-owned DHL doesn't care.

"I gotta look you in the eye and give you straight talk..."

John McCain, same old politics, same failed policies.

That is pitch-perfect and the best ad of the cycle for the Obama campaign, hands-down. This Wilmington deal is getting national attention as well as hitting regional news in Ohio. Without Ohio, McCain pretty much can't win. This is a major opportunity and I wouldn't stop running this until November 4. Make TV ads from it as well.

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