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Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Spent the afternoon at the office holiday party. It was over at the Lucky Strike bowling alley at Hollywood and Highland. I bowled a 102, which I think put me above the Obama line. Considering that the first frame was a washout, I'm actually moderately proud of myself, as lame as that sounds. Never been a good bowler.

OK, play the music, orchestra!

Love On The Rocks - Neil Diamond (one of my go-to karaoke songs)
Anxiety - Black Eyed Peas
Beautiful Way - Beck
5 Long Years - B.B. King
Ejercicio #16 - Kinky
Miss Teen Wordpower - The New Pornographers
Samba Tranquille - Thievery Corporation
Sour Times - Portishead
Alright - Guided By Voices
Young Pilgrims - The Shins

Bonus Track:
4 - Aphex Twin

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