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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change Has Come

Barack Obama is now our nation's 44th President. More important from my perspective is that George W. Bush is our nation's 43rd ex-President. You could feel that in the crowd, from the NAA-NAA-HEY-HEY-GOODBYE to the burst of exultation after the swearing-in (which John Roberts mangled and the new President stumbled through a little nervously, and wouldn't you be?):

Waiting for the first wingnut post alleging that because Obama didn't say the oath exactly as it is written in the Constitution, he is NOT OFFICIALLY PRESIDENT!!!1!

Still some kinks to be ironed out. The White House's email signup page is broken right now as well. And their RSS feed really should not be partial. But this feels very different. Mainly because of the miscreants that have to scurry out the back door.

America can exhale.

Oh, and Dick Cheney can now get back to closing the Bailey Savings & Loan.

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