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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


An accident on the main east-west freeway serving Los Angeles turned the Westside into a parking lot today. It took me about an hour and a half for what is normally a half-hour commute. What a mess. Tell me again about how funding for mass transit just isn't practical. There actually is funding through Measure R for increased transit services and proposed light rail into Santa Monica, which should roll in right around the time I retire.

Heard on the radio that Eric Holder was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and on a 17 to 2 vote with 6 Republicans voting in favor. So much for bloodying the nose of the Obama Administration, Mr. Rove. That wasn't gaining any traction, as the economy is paramount on everyone's mind.

More as I collect myself.

...Here's the story. A head-on collision from a wrong-way driver kills two. I'm not even sure how you would be able to go the wrong way on the Eastbound 10 unless you turned around while on the freeway. Sounds like a terrible accident. This is also a brief for how brittle our infrastructure systems are, closing that freeway paralyzed the Westside this morning.

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