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Friday, January 30, 2009

Grab The Popcorn

I haven't paid much attention to the RNC Chair's race because I don't think it matters at all who gets to play second-fiddle to Rush Limbaugh for the next four years. But it is kind of amusing that there's no consensus at all. After three ballots there is no favorite, and the guy who led after the first ballot, current Chair Mike Duncan, just dropped out of the race. This is supposed to be a "win" for those who want "change" in the party, but change to what? The guy who passed out the "Barack the Magic Negro" CD dropped out earlier. Katon Dawson, the South Carolina party chair who belonged to a whites-only country club, is still in it. Then there's Ken Blackwell, who stole Ohio for Bush in 2004 and lost by the biggest landslide imaginable in 2006; Michael Steele, who got pummeled in his race for Senate in Maryland and who claimed that protesters threw Oreos at him without any evidence; and the state party chair in Michigan, the state with the highest unemployment rate in the country and growing fully hostile to Republicans.

You're telling me this race matters?

Quite awesomely, RedState is down right now.

...Hilarious. Duncan dropped out so that the segregationist Katon Dawson could stop the black guy from winning. Just call them the Dred Scott Party.

...and they couldn't stop Michael Steele. I expect him to be on Meet The Press every Sunday until 2012. Judd Legum has some facts about the new Chairman.

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