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Monday, January 26, 2009

"This Is William Kristol's Last Column." We Wish.

Yes, there will be no more Bill Kristol on the New York Times op-ed page. And he exits with one of my favorite quotes from a conservative in years:

Conservative policies have on the whole worked — insofar as any set of policies can be said to “work” in the real world.

Feel the pride! Or maybe that's nihilism.

Don't weep for Irving's son, however - he's headed to the Washington Post to sully their op-ed pages for a bit. There is simply nothing he can do, no amount of wrong he can spout, to get him kicked out of the little pundit club.

This also means there's an opening for a new conservative at the Times. Joe the Plumber, this is your moment. I'd love to see dozens of columns recapitulating "I don't think the media should have a right to have an opinion on anything!"

...Fred Hiatt on Bill Kristol: "I thought he wrote a good column."

The optimistic view is that Hiatt is just trying to provide an economic stimulus for his corrections department. The more measured view is that he's a neocon jackass.

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