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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Money, No College

This sounds like a good way to entrench a permanent overclass:

In the bid for a fat envelope this year, it may help, more than usual, to have a fat wallet.

Facing fallen endowments and needier students, many colleges are looking more favorably on wealthier applicants as they make their admissions decisions this year.

Institutions that have pledged to admit students regardless of need are finding ways to increase the number of those who pay the full cost in ways that allow the colleges to maintain the claim of being need-blind — taking more students from the transfer or waiting lists, for instance, or admitting more foreign students who pay full tuition.

Private colleges that acknowledge taking financial status into account say they are even more aware of that factor this year.

“If you are a student of means or ability, or both, there has never been a better year,” said Robert A. Sevier, an enrollment consultant to colleges.

Let's face it - this has ALWAYS been a criteria. We've always seen a preference for legacies at the major universities and Ivy League colleges, with special treatment for those scions whose parents have, say, donated a building. But this is far more overt and applies to the entire college population. At a time when the federal government tries to increase Pell grants and smooth delivery of financial aid, your best chance of getting into colleges which have inflated their prices in recent years is to be very rich.

Nice. No wonder the US is one of the least class-mobile societies in the world.

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