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Saturday, April 25, 2009

General Session Open Thread

Here's a thread for the opening session at the CDP convention. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is taking the stage right now, leaving me wondering what this would be like if she was speaking as a candidate for Governor. Ah well.

The juicy tidbit I've heard is that Phil Angelides is strongly considering jumping into the CA-03 race against Dan Lungren. This makes a pretty good deal of sense. Angelides has the policy chops, the ability to raise money (he has a huge list of supporters to tap from 2006), and a focus on green jobs and clean energy from the Apollo Alliance. I'd like to see this.

Solis' money quote: "This is the most progressive Administration I've seen in a long time."

More later.

...The Garamendi-bots are out, bringing him to the floor. I think they just had a bunch of leftover signs from when he was running for Lt. Governor.

...Most awkward quote ever: "George W. Bush, you are bad history!" Garamendi followed up with the old "We now have a President who can speak a complete sentence" standby...

...So Gavin Newsom is being introduced now. Lots of "visibility" in the crowd.

As Gavin talks about his alleged delivery of health care to everyone in San Francisco, can someone please ask him about cutting the city health care budget by 25% across the board to cover his city's budget deficit? I will, in a couple hours.

Money quote - "We're not intent to relive history." Yes, just to rewrite it.

Boy, Jack O'Connell is wooden.

Barbara Boxer is up right now. I'm reading over the speech, and it's a bunch of red meat.

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