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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Governor Of Utah Is Too Moderate FAIL

Jon Huntsman, the Republican Governor of Utah, sid this to ABC.

With the party reeling from Sen. Arlen Specter's defection, a prominent moderate Republican governor is warning that GOP leaders in Washington have failed to offer a positive alternative to President Obama's initiatives.

"You can't just say no. You can't just obstruct or obfuscate," Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said in an interview with ABC News. "Instead of just kind of grousing and complaining, it would do us all a whole lot of good if we actually started engaging directly in finding compromises and common ground and shared solutions." [...]

"When you are devoid of the ideas, or the content that would allow you to articulate or paint a better future, you have no choice other than to fall back on 'no, we are not going support it, it cannot be done,'" Huntsman said.

Huntsman is young, wildly popular in Utah, and conservative on all but a few issues.

So of course, he's been excommunicated from the party.

Joanne Voorhees, the chairwoman of the Kent County Republican party in Michigan, has "abruptly canceled" an upcoming fundraiser with Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R). Voorhees "said that hosting the moderate Utah governor would mean abandoning the party's conservative principles." The cancellation comes as Republicans are pushing for a more narrow party focused on hard-right principles.

They're really crawling into a spider hole.

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