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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Memory Lane

I'm old enough to remember George Bush and Rick Santorum being Arlen Specter's biggest fan. In other words, I'm more than 5 years old.

Specter will probably have to make some grand compromise on Employee Free Choice in order to show his bona fides to labor and a Democratic primary electorate. But hopefully his record won't go completely down the memory hole. Anita Hill, anyone?

...I just threw up.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (Democrat-turned-Independent Democrat, Connecticut) put out this statement welcoming Sen. Arlen Specter (Republican-turned-Democrat, Pennsylvania) to the Dem caucus:

"I enthusiastically welcome my good friend Arlen Specter into the Democratic caucus. It will be very good to have the company of yet another independent minded Democrat in the caucus!

"I have always admired Arlen as a man of deep principle who has been a bridge builder to get things done in the Senate. Arlen understands that we get things accomplished when we listen to the vital center of American politics. I know that Arlen will continue to make a major contribution to the Senate and the nation as an effective independent leader and problem solver."

...Booman has the rundown on Specter's committee assignments, and the fact that he would instantly be the senior Democrat on three committees - Environment, Aging and Veteran's Affairs. I'm pushing for Aging.

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