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Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Self-Awareness

Sarah Palin endorseses reproductive choice.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told an antiabortion audience in Indiana on Thursday night that, "for a fleeting moment," she considered having an abortion after learning that her son Trig would have Down syndrome.

The experience, she added, "now lets me understand a woman's, a girl's temptation to maybe try to make it all go away."

Ultimately, Palin said, she decided she had to "walk the walk" concerning her long-standing antiabortion views. She avoided using the word "abortion" in her speech, preferring the phrase "change the circumstances."

"I had just enough faith to know that my trying to change the circumstances wasn't any answer," said Palin, the featured speaker before 3,000 people at a banquet in Evansville.

In other words, she considered her options, and made the one best suited for her. As John Cole says, "There is a name for when women who are pregnant are allowed to determine whether or not they keep their baby or have an abortion. It is called pro-choice."

Interesting sentiment at an anti-abortion rally, no? And I assume we've got it on tape, considering all the government spies and black helicopters at the event.

(I think I heard Jonathan Alter last night make the additional point that any doctor Palin consulted during that "fleeting moment," under her view of the world, would be in jail right now.)

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