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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Conservatives Now So Crazy They Think Obama Is Closing Chrysler Dealerships for Political Advantage

I'm a little late to this, but let me agree that the idea of Barack Obama having nothing better to do than to punish conservative car dealers for their donations to Republicans was always going to end up as a massive FAIL. Car dealers are a conservative lot - older, more male, more suburban, more business-friendly and more wealthy than the general population. Nate Silver does with graphs and statistics what should be immediately clear.

Overall, 88 percent of the contributions from car dealers went to Republican candidates and just 12 percent to Democratic candidates. By comparison, the list of dealers on Doug Ross's list (which I haven't vetted, but I assume is fine) gave 92 percent of their money to Republicans -- not really a significant difference.

There's no conspiracy here, folks -- just some bad math.

One of the insaneosphere denizens explains why they'll keep pushing this despite the lack of evidence.

Of course I want this looked into, of course. It's my guess it's a non-story, not my expert opinion.

But the MSM is so ridiculously biased that they make honesty a dangerous and politically counterproductive business.

The only way to even get the MSM to do their jobs and take a look is to pressure them by claiming Worst Scandal Eveh, even if we don't all necessarily buy that. But we have to claim that in order to spur any sort of media interest whatsoever. (That interest, of course, coming in the form of stories like Conservatives Now So Crazy They Think Obama Is Closing Chrysler Dealerships for Political Advantage, which isn't exactly the headline we seek, but that's the best we can hope for from the MSM.)

I obliged Ace with the suggested headline.

I understand the persecution complex; it's been conservative bread-and-butter for years. But that's quite an interesting admission, that the right will literally run with anything, no matter the truth, just to start up the Wurlitzer and make the media dance. That this ends up making them look relentlessly stupid in the end apparently doesn't matter.

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