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Monday, June 22, 2009

CA-Gov: No Antonio

Mayor Villaraigosa made it official by declining to jump into the narrowing field for the California Governor's race.

I'd been predicting this for months. He really shot himself in the foot with a first term that failed to live up to expectations. Some of that is bad timing with his re-election coinciding with a severe downturn, and some of that is simple overselling of what he would do.

But it was pretty clear that he had no interest in this for quite a while.

After a rumored cattle call that had upwards of a dozen candidates, it really looks like the Governor's race here will feature two - Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown. This sets up that future vs. past battle Newsom certainly wants, but Brown probably benefits from a narrower field and the lack of a Hispanic candidate taking a bloc of votes.

There, it's a horse race post, am I a real live journalist now?

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