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Friday, June 05, 2009

Patriot Store

I flagged this when it happened but never wrote about it because I wanted more information. Tula Connell from the AFL-CIO got it.

We heard Bill O'Reilly is having trouble finding American-made T-shirts to sell in his Patriot Store. We know he's heartbroken because, after all, what good is a Patriot Store if its products are made in El Salvador or Haiti? (Especially if you're selling red, white and blue "American Patriot" T-shirts, like the one on the left.)

We heard he can't find made-in-the-USA T-shirts because O'Reilly said so himself (h/t to D-Day). In his "Mailbag" segment on May 22, O'Reilly took the following question from Stewart Hollins in Rio Rancho, N.M.:

Mr. O, great looking mugs. Terrific bold and fresh shirts. Where are the items made?

And O' Reilly responded:

Mugs are made in the USA, Stewart. The shirts in Central America. We cannot get the volume of shirts we need made in America, sadly.

Yes, he's selling Central American shirts in his Patriot Store.

It's going to take a while to find out the conditions at the factory where these shirts are being made, but I hope they do. As Connell notes, plenty of manufacturers in America can handle Mr. Patriot Store's volume. There's no question that this is a cost issue, and the workers get left holding the bag on that.

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