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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Reporters Should Do More Than Check Twitter Hashtags

Here's the latest on the Honduran situation: the new government remains defiant despite condemnation from most of the Americas. The Organization of American States has threatened their removal from the group, but the government threatened to leave the OAS right back. Manuel Zelaya attempted to enter the country today, but the military vowed to turn back his jet and divert it to El Salvador. The government has said they would arrest Zelaya if he set foot on Honduran soil. Protests continue in the capital.

Interestingly, while there is significant Twitter traffic about Honduras, very little reporting has gotten out about the protestors, and certainly not to the extent of Iran. It's just interesting what captivates global attention. Iran is obviously a larger country with more technological savvy, but that should not necessarily drive coverage. The truth is that Zelaya's power base comes from the lower classes in Honduras, who don't have access to social media in the way that students in Iran do. And thus, the coverage changes.

Seems like we should be paying more attention to this situation.

...there are conflicting reports, at least as I read them in broken Spanish, of Zelaya arriving in Honduras or touching down in El Salvador. Then there's this report:

Canciller de facto de Honduras: "Obama es un negrito que no sabe nada de nada"

The minister of information on Honduras: "Obama is a little black man who knows nothing from nothing." More.

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