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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rest Of The Week In Review

So last week, I missed... everything. And frankly, was happy to do so. Every now and again you need a week off from this. Thanks to those who pitched in a bit. Also thanks to anyone who voted for me in the CREDO Mobile state blogger of the year contest at Netroots Nation, for which I won a Blackberry Curve and a year's service. Really nice.

I thought the conference was really the best yet, with few hitches or problems. The additional events in Pittsburgh were first-rate - getting to take batting practice at the Pirates' home park was pure fun - and the focus on manufacturing and industry in one of the nation's most storied centers for the same made a lot of sense. Pittsburgh's a great town and the blogging community got to see it at its best. All the panels I saw were excellent. Especially mine! Seriously, thanks to my co-panelists on the California panel, Robert Cruickshank, Jean Ross and Kai Stinchcombe. I've received lots of great positive feedback about it.

So I'm going to wipe the slate clean and start fresh this week. It might take a little while to decompress. Thanks for your patience.

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