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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Shame Of The Wolverines

Politics fans, indulge me for a second while I rant for a moment about Rich Rodriguez.

There has not been one bit of good news out of my alma mater of Ann Arbor in the 2-odd years since he took over the football team. Instead, we've had arrests, violations, multiple transfers (one guy transferred from U-M to Ohio State - now that hurts) and a 3-9 wreck of a season. Now the remaining players have revolted, telling the press that the team violated rules regarding time spent on workouts and practice sessions (not that it helped last year!). And a couple of them, former cornerback Morgan Trent and the since-transferred wideout Toney Clemons, went on the record. In a successful program, that stuff does not get talked about. There's no question that practically every big-name school encourages their players to devote as much time to football as they can get away with. The only reason the players would go forward is because they can't stand RichRod.

And I'm tending to agree. His non-denial denial was kind of embarrassing. He's obviously alienated the players, and now the whole town. And so the players found an excuse to get him in trouble - a rule that every team in America violates.

The University will do an internal probe. The easy thing to do would be to cut bait. Rodriguez has clearly lost the trust of the team.

This has been the monthly obligatory sports post.

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