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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Beck Boomlet Fizzles.. UPDATED: Or Not?

Yesterday, the Senate quietly invoked cloture on Cass Sunstein to be the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. I'm not really a fan of Sunstein, but Glenn Beck was about to unleash the dogs of war to attack Sunstein for whatever rattles around in his head. Sunstein, according to Beck is one of those unaccountable "czars" that are destroying America from within. Cloture accomplished several things:

• By being confirmed by the Senate, Sunstein actually became... accountable to a Senate vote. And he got 7 Republicans to vote for him.
• Happening just days after Beck's witch hunt of Van Jones, obviously this shows that people are undeterred about further attacks from him.
• Sunstein did get 35 votes against him for a fairly uncontroversial position, which means he'd face a lot of opposition for controversial position like Supreme Court Justice. And I wouldn't like him, a moderate to conservative, as a Supreme Court Justice. So we probably won't see that now.


FWIW, Beck's jihad against Van Jones appears to have been motivated by oil industry lobbyists opposed to his work on green jobs. Of course, with Jones being rehired by the Center for American Progress, it's likely he'll have a MORE vocal role in pushing for green jobs now, so I don't see how this helped them.

...Yosi Sergant, a midlevel NEA staffer, has been asked to leave his post based on some such nonsense from Beck. So I may have been premature.

...Sergant still has a job at the NEA, he was asked only to step down as Communications Director.

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