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Friday, September 04, 2009

Left-Wing Demagogues Found!

Republicans really aren't the problem right now on the health care bill, but here's a message that the Democratic National Committee could have put out in April, when 4/5 of the GOP caucus voted to kill Medicare:

Ryan Grim has the report.

I would have gone with that "Republicans want to end Medicare" line and repeated it 15 times to fill the 30 second spot.

This is at least a bar fight. They can do endless variations off of this. One senior's story: "Medicare saved my life. And Republicans wanted to end it?" A kid talking about how his grandmother was kept alive through Medicare and Republicans wanted to kill his grandma. Get creative!

...The DNC's actually been slugging it out pretty well. This spot calling Dick Cheney wrong about everything is pretty nice. They're a little late and a little reactive on these, however. Take the offense, all the time. Tomorrow, put out a spot about how Republicans think kids should drop out of school. Then one about how they think old people should eat cat food.

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