As featured on p. 218 of "Bloggers on the Bus," under the name "a MyDD blogger."

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Okay, this is day one of the D-Day blog. Welcome, nobody! Good to see none of you here. Should someone actually stumble upon this and read it, let me 'splain what I'd like to do on this site.

I am interested in opining on the pressing issues of our times, be they political, cultural, artistic, or whatever. Because I'm important enough to be passing judgment on the world every single day, right? Well, who knows. I guess that's up to you, the up-until-now nonexistent reader. Hopefully, if it's important to me, it'll be important to you. We'll see.

We'll jump into this more tomorrow. For now, hello, and, erm, hello.