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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Only in America... Republican America

So, Tucker Bowtie was crowing on Crossfire today about Don King's high-profile presence at a series of RNC events with chairman Ed Gillespie. They're touring Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Miami.

Bowtie actually had to catch himself by admitting, during this glowing account, that "Yes, King was convicted for murdering two people, but one was in self-defense." The whole story is that he fucking beat a man to his death:

Twelve years later, also in Cleveland, King beat a man to death who owed him money on the streets of Cleveland. Although convicted of second-degree murder, the trial judge (for reasons unknown) reduced the conviction from murder to manslaughter. Not only did King serve a short term of 3 1/2 years, he would receive a pardon from then Ohio governor James Rhodes.

Meanwhile, over the next 30 years of boxing promotion, he has systematically robbed his clients blind, from Tim Witherspoon to Mike Tyson. Witherspoon even successfully sued King in the 80s, winning a $900,000 judgment.

Good company for the GOP, ay? Especially considering that, as a convicted felon, he CAN'T EVEN VOTE.