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Monday, May 17, 2004

Zell Miller is an idiot

I wonder if, instead of a certain subliterate Senator from Georgia willfully changing his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, the Party leaders can just vote him out by fiat. This would be a good time to do so:

Senator Zell Miller: "The two times I think I have been most humiliated in my life was standing in a big room, naked as a jaybird with about fifty others and they were checking us out, now that was humiliating. It was humiliating showering with sixty others in a public shower. It didn't kill us did it? No one ever died from humiliation."

I'm trying to think what other innocuous, completely unrelated incidents of adolescence these wingnuts can compare to torture. Snapping towels in gym class? Changing into swimsuits at a public pool? Summer camp? Playing stickball in the street?

Zelly has done double duty the last few days, also calling John Kerry "an out-of-touch, ultraliberal from Taxachusetts." Taxachusetts, ay? That's east of Taxifornia and north of New York (but with the word Tax in there somewhere). Atrios easily rips Miller's comments to shreds.

Zell Miller makes me long for those more reasonable days when Strom Thurmond was a Democrat. Seriously, can't we just throw him out of the Party? He's leaving in November anyway.