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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Local Progressive Radio

I'm under a mountain of work, but I thought I'd bring this to you, cross-posted by yours truly over at the Daily Kos. Air America rules, but it's imperative to act locally.


A logical extension of some of the local Kos sites that have cropped up would be a presence on the growing outlet of progressive radio.  Air America affiliates are now in 53 stations mationwide, covering a good bit of the country.  But most of them offer weekday programming, leaving the weekend largely open to reruns of Franken or Randi Rhodes or the Majority Report. KTLK-AM, the Los angeles affiliate, recently signed a few weekend talkers to discuss issues of local significance (Johnny Wendell, Cary Harrison, and Steve Young).

Why not branch our this far-ranging community into the progressive talk radio movement.
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With Kos' approval, of course, we could approach local progressive radio affiliates with the opportunity to bring the biggest progressive brand (yes, Kos is a brand now) onto their radio station.

Air America is great as a foundation but local talkers that know its particular city's issues are crucial.  We know that under Howard Dean, the DNC is attempting to build local grassroots in every state, making sure that the people advocating for various positions are actually from those states.  Same with talk radio.  dKos Radio on the weekend would be a great base from which to discuss the kinds of issues we get into on here, with an added emphasis on local stuff.  It is not in competition with but complementary to things like Air America.

We all know the importance of the fourth estate in getting out the information that people need to make their electoral decisions.  I think this is a no-brainer.  Podcasting is great, but radio (for now) rules.  We have to be as aggressive at getting our message out as the other side.

I suggest (that is, if you think thyis is worth exploring) that we seek out possible candidates for this venture, come up with a proposal, and present it to some affiliates.  I have a background in broadcasting (TV, not radio), so I have some idea of how a proposal like this would work.  I welcome any other ideas.

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