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Friday, May 13, 2005

This post by georgia10 at her new blog akou might be the best post I've read all year. It totally turned me around on the infamous "Downing Street Memo" issue, from thinking that the report released during the British elections that American intelligence "was being fixed around the policy" in Iraq was something we all knew about to thinking that the time has come for Americans to take a stand against this kind of deception. This is a smoking gun that turns the notion that Bush wanted to invade Iraq no matter what from theory into practice.

So georgia10 and some others have created Downing Street Memo, a website dedicated to raising awareness about the memo, and asking the hard questions:

Regardless of politics, every American should ask themselves: Was I misled? Did President Bush tell me the truth when he said he would not take us to war unless absolutely necessary?

Please join us in demanding that we get to the bottom of this issue. For if we do not demand the truth from our government here, where the Downing Street Memo is so damning, then we may as well forever cease holding our government accountable.

There are action items, a history of the memo, and more. Please visit the site. It is terribly important that we restore a government that is for and by the people.