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Thursday, November 09, 2006

And The Onion Does My Joke

Again. Not to boast, but this happens on a semi-regular basis.

Republican officials are blaming tonight's GOP losses on Democrats, who they claim have engaged in a wide variety of "aggressive, premeditated, anti-Republican campaigns" over the past six-to-18 months. "We have evidence of a well-organized, well-funded series of operations designed specifically to undermine our message, depict our past performance in a negative light, and drive Republicans out of office," said Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman, who accused an organization called the Democratic National Committee of spearheading the nationwide effort. "There are reports of television spots, print ads, even volunteers going door-to-door encouraging citizens to vote against us." Acknowledging that the "damage has already been done," Mehlman is seeking a promise from Democrats to never again engage in similar practices.

My exact same take a week and a half ago (it's time-stamped):

Speaking on Fox News, Vice President Dick Cheney accused Democrats of timing their political attacks and advertising campaigns to influence the midterm elections set for next week.

"I was reading something today that a writer — I don’t remember who — was speculating on increased use of phone banking and cavassing of neighborhoods and get-out-the-vote rallies by the Democrats as attempting to demoralize the Republican people as we get up to the election," said Cheney on the "Your World With Neil Cavuto" program. "And when I read that, it made sense to me."

No problem, I'm happy to be in good company. Getting paid to write it would have been nice, tho'...