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Friday, November 03, 2006

CA-SoS: Bowen up in the Field Poll

Great news for a true defender of democracy. NPR's LA affiliate reported that Debra Bowen has a 6-point lead in the latest Field Poll for Secretary of State against Republican Bruce McPherson. Bowen is running an underfunded campaign against an incumbent in an environment where it's incredibly hard for the downballot races to get their message out. The race couldn't be more important: McPherson has allowed Diebold voting machines that failed certification into the state, lets pollworkers take machines HOME on overnight sleepovers before the election, and dismisses any talk of voting concerns time and again. There's almost nobody in the country as knowledgeable about voting issues as Debra Bowen, and making her in charge of elections in the largest state in the country would have a ripple effect that could get us a true voter's bill of rights and protect our electoral process.

I'll report the findings of the poll when I find them. Incidentally I did some phonebanking for Bowen last night through People for the American Way, and pretty much everyone I talked to was excited about her candidacy. We need to get her and all of the downballot Democrats into office. OK, maybe not Cruz "I used to be really fat" Bustamante. Hands down the worst ads I've ever seen.

I went on a diet... your car insurance will drop! Vote for me!