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Monday, November 06, 2006

Chomp Chomp... Just Watchin' TV For Democracy... Chomp Chomp

You always want to know what the other side is doing. After all, the Republican GOTV effort is legendary. Surely the leaders of the right blogosphere are jumping in with both feet. Surely they're not only encouraging theit charges to pitch in and volunteer, but doing their part themselves. I mean, they care about their side winning as much as we do, right?

Here's one of the posts on Powerline, Time Magazine's Blog of the Year, two days out from the election:

Redskin coach Joe Gibbs' second "term" in Washington has had more ups and downs than the second Bush administration (more ups, anyway). If nothing else, Gibbs has revived the storied Redskins-Cowboys rivalry with two stunning come-from-behind wins in the past two seasons.

Last year, a moribund offense came to life in the final minutes to score two stunningly quick touchdowns on long pass plays to Santana Moss to steal a 14-13 victory. Today, with Moss missing the game through injury, the Redskins again were outplayed most of the way, and appeared doomed when, with score tied, the Cowboys lined up for a relatively easy field attempt in the dying seconds of the game.

But newly acquired veteran Troy Vincent blocked the kick. As time expired, Sean Taylor outfought the Cowboys for the loose ball and ran it back a little past midfield. That meant overtime, or so we all thought. But a Cowboy had grabbed Taylor's face mask on the return, and a game can't end on the penalty. With 15 yards tacked on, the Redskins had the opportunity to try a last gasp 47 yard field goal to win the game.

I'll save you the rest of the suspenseful prose from the Grantland Rice of the conservative blogosphere. The 'Skins won. And now we know how Paul Mirengoff spent 3 or 4 hours on the last Sunday before the midterm election: cleaning Cheetos off of the front of his button-down shirt while yelling "First down! First down! Ref, are you blind?"

But you know, at least Mirengoff was tuning in to something a little current, other that what was on Glenn Reynolds' fun weekend schedule:

SO I MANAGED TO WATCH SEVERAL EPISODES of The Addams Family and F Troop on DVD over the weekend. Both shows held up better than I feared -- I hadn't watched them in decades. In particular, The Addams Family shows really good ensemble acting. One of my readers wrote that "The Addams Family was the *only* show I remember on TV when I was growing up in which there was much in the way of open display of affection between a married couple." That's pretty right, and although it's subtle it's much more grown-up than I had remembered, since when I was a kid I missed some of that stuff.

On F Troop, I noticed that Forrest Tucker seemed more realistic than the other characters in that not-at-all-realistic show, and on looking at his IMDB biography discovered that he had actually served in the U.S. Cavalry before he became an actor. He must have been one of the very last guys to appear in any kind of a western who could say that.

By the way there are several updates on that post from readers who want to give their Nick at Nite TV Land recollections as well.

Yes, I'm cherry-picking blog posts here, but in both instances, two of the leading lights of conservative bloggers spent SEVERAL HOURS on their couches Sunday, scanning the tube. I don't know if there's a single top blogger on the left who wasn't out in the field over the weekend, either canvassing or making calls or covering a major race for their readers.

In all fairness, though, F Troop was a MUST-SEE in 1965.

The conservative blogosphere is nothing more than a tool in the Right's Disinformation Machine. They exist to make a lot of noise and nothing else. In their spare time they eat snacks and watch TV. The progressive blogosphere is fully integrated into the progressive movement, part of what's going to help take this country back in a sustained effort over the next 20 years.

I've never been happier to read to wingnut blog posts than these two. They're fat and happy. We're working. Sooner or later, we'll just fly right by them.