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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Democrats Are Ready To Lead"

...from Nancy Pelosi, your next Speaker of the House.

Apparently, the President is going to crawl out into the open tomorrow morning and reach out to Democrats. By the way, this press conference will officially be called "my favorite press conference ever."

I wonder if the press will remember the kind of things the President has been saying on the campaign trail recently. Like "the Democrats want the terrorists to win." I wonder if they'll ask him that.

I really don't know if the President's going to get a free pass from people on this one. He's run a government based entirely on partisanship for 6 years, shrouded in secrecy, based on deception and obfuscation. Now after the biggest ass-whuppin' of his life, one almost entirely predicated on voter dissatisfaction with him, he's going to come hat in hand and ask humbly to work together. Who exactly is going to trust him to do the right thing? I'm really curious about this one.