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Friday, November 03, 2006

Dumber Than I Thought

I mentioned last night that the idiotosphere would probably make the mistake, when confronted with the reality that the Bush Administration put nuclear secrets in Arabic on the public Internet, of saying that the disclosure PROVES, proves I tell you, that Saddam had an active weapons program before the war! Of course, these were pre-1991 documents about weapons that everybody agrees Saddam dismantled in the 1990s, and as Scott Lemieux points out, will does not equal capacity.

Whether or not Hussein had, or could plausibly acquire, nuclear weapons is beside the point because he really wanted to have them. Similarly, if I announced that I really wanted to marry Gretchen Mol, you should send the wedding gifts immediately!

For the record I really want to marry Gretchen Mol.

But not only have the usual suspects like Charles Johnson and others made this mistake, according to Digby so is the goddamn Secretary of State!

Wow. Andrea Mitchell just reported that the Secretary of State went on Laura Ingraham's wingnut propaganda show and said the "Army of Davids" documents proved that Saddam was working on a nuclear program. Lucky for us that Mitchell pointed out that the documents were from before the first Gulf War [...]

Update: Dan Bartlet's out there right now saying exactly the same thing. Mitchell corrected him, but this looks like the official party line. They really do think their base is completely braindead. They would know.

They really are intentionally stupid. What contempt they have for their supporters.